March 2012

Mk1 Escort project

martin and dubs mk1 escortThis Mk1 Escort belongs to my friend Martin and his son Dub. It was bought as a painted shell with very little else included. The pair of them have been on a steep leaning curve as prior to this project they knew very little of what to do and how to do it. The car is a credit to their efforts. The spec is impressive……. decambered slipper springs at the rear with 4 link setup, bilstein adjustable fronts, bored out crossflow with twin dellortos and type 9 gearbox plus all the other bits and pieces that go with it all.

Porsche 944 track day car

porsche 944porsche 944









The Porsche 944 which we have been building as a cheap trackday car is ready for its first outing. Having earlier blown up its engine on the rollers my friend Keith took the car over, another engine was bought, a 2.5 eight valve, a later engine so had a few issues with different sensors and fuel rail etc. We have done very little to change this car from Std. It came to me without o/s/f wing, front/ rear bumpers, spoilers, pop up headlights and wheels (and with a dodgy engine). These were all replaced with parts sourced from Ebay. Now with a racing seat, 5 point harness and sticky yokos a shake down at Brands is planned prior to booking a  ladies day at Goodwood  for wives, girlfriends and daughters. Hopefully it will behave itself.

Work on the White Sprint continues

white race carI have been building this one for for quite along time now, about 7/8 years. Rebuilding the blue one, my day job and lack of money have all been the reason for the slow progress. Having the outside of the shell painted is the next job, after which I can start the main fitting up. The plan is to have it out by mid 2013 !

The Blue Sprint

At long last it seems that the blue sprint should be out this year. I have owned the blue sprint since 1994. For a short time i used it as my road/competition car using it in hillclimb and sprint events in road going class. In a short time it was changed to compete in the modified class. I started circuit racing in 2004 with the CTCRC in the classic thunder series. 2007 was the last time it raced as i had a accident at thruxton resulting in quite heavy damage to the front off side corner. 5 years later it’s nearly finished. Some of the photos showing the damage and rebuild are in the gallery section under Blue Sprint.

The new race season starts

Adain and keith Snetterton Oct 2011April the 9th at Castle Combe,i’ll be double driving my friend’s Austin A40 Farina with him in the HRDC Touring Greats class. Adain and i had a class win at Snetterton last year with the little A40.  Also out for the first time this year at Castle Combe will be another car that I sometimes share the driving and that is Keith Kenward’s Mk2 Jag ‘S’ Type, this competes in the HRDC TC63 series. Keith also took third place in his class championship with the HSCC. The picture is of Adain and Keith with their cars at Snetterton 2011