July 2012

The Blue Sprint Lives (Updated)

blue sprint blue sprint blue sprint

At last the Blue Sprint Lives. After a number of years slowly getting it back together it started and ran beautifully. It still needs a few things doing to completely finish it, there was an issue with the high torque stater motor, I’ve changed it for the time being to a Std. one. A track day/eve at Brands or Thruxton as a test then perhaps my daughter Sophie and I will do a couple of hill climbs, then a think about which championship to race it in next year. This is such a sweet and netrual handling car, I just can’t wait to get it on the track.

The Blue Sprint At my work  The exhaust system

the Blue Sprint on the ramp at work having it’s exhaust fitted. I’m using the std. exhaust manifold with a larger bore down pipe for the time being as the four branch manifold I had was only fit for the scrap heap. In fact that is where it went !

Nuno Limas Dolomite

Nuno is building his Sprint as a fast road/show car

Siegmar Queck’s Sprint engined TR7

Siegmar races his TR7 in the German series….Triumph & British GT Competition