August 2012

Work continues on the Blue Sprint

Ali steering rack mounts Ali steering rack mount

Been meaning to for a long time to machine down the steering rack mounts I made years and years ago so that they fit a bit better and miss the oil pump and engine back plate. I did this at work today on the mill, Changed the steering rack as well as the other one had a bit of slack in it. I use Std ratio racks as the high ratio rack made the steering too heavy on slicks. Played with the oil pressure relief valve spring as there was only 40psi at fast idle with a warm engine. Ended up with 70psi at fast idle with a warm engine this is with bog standard mineral oil soon to be replaced with a Millers motorsport synthetic oil after I’ve run the engine in a little more.

side exit exhaust Side exit exhaust Silencer box

Just a few pictures of my home made side exit exhaust system. Although it runs on a std exhaust manifold the system is easy to change for a four branch manifold.

Rick Cuttings Sprint