October 2012

Tony Brownes Visit

Tony Browne and beautiful TR6 Tony Browne Tony Brownes ex South African Race Sprint

Tony Browne came to visit to chat about things Sprint, specifically regarding his new purchase a ex South African race car. Tony and his wife intended to build it into a  hillclimb car to share. Tony already competes in a TR4. As you can see, Tony arrived in his stunning TR6. More pictures and information to follow as I will be visiting him to have a look at his cars.



Last outing with the HRDC at Mallory Park

A few pictures on the facebook page of our last outting in Aidans  Ashley and A40 at Mallory Park. All didn’t go quite to plan. The head gasket failed on the Ashley and ingition failure on the A40 plus a couple of other issues that were dealt with. Out of four races entered (three were double drivers one of which was swapping cars halfway through as well !), two were finshed including a second place and two DNF’s. Not withstanding the two DNFs it was a fantastic day to finish off the season. My thanks to Aidan for letting me share the racing and his cars with him. Out in the Sprint next Aidan !