December 2012

More Blue Sprint stuff

Just a couple of things that I’ve been up to. Been meaning to change the lower rear trailing arms to adjustable ones for awhile.  Finally got round to doing it this week, made up a threaded block which I welded into the car end of the arm, Fitted a poly bush to the axle end ( to keep a degree of compliance)  and a rose joint into the block. I’ll keep an eye on these during the season, if there are no problems I’ll streamline the design so that’s its not so chunky. The arms that were fitted about 15/16 years ago will go in to the ‘racing spares’ box. These were fitted with the ST hard rubber bushes, they are still perfect and usable. Further to the rear suspension I’m getting parts together for another cylinder head, Bodger Ben gave me some light weight cam followers ( well not gave me, we tend to work on a barter system ) there is quite a weight saving, see photos. The con rod is an ‘A’ series one, it is titanium and weighs less than half the Std. one, and cost shed loads. One day!

lightweight cam follower lightweight cam follower titainium con rod titainium con rod rear trailing arms