July 2018

General update

Some more additions to the parts list… we now have available competition spec. valves, titanium valve spring caps and Colsibro valve guides. They are listed under ‘engine’ in the products list.

A few things to catch up with, as I haven’t done much to the website for a while (over a year). The White Sprint is nearly finished and we should be out testing soon. Haven’t got around to building the engine for it so it has, at the moment, my spare race engine, it is a bit down on power but should be enough to do basic setup. 

The Blue Sprint is still a bit beaten up. I think getting it completely repaired will be a winter job. I’m out in it at Goodwood on the 4th of August.

With the White Sprint nearing completion I am beginning to think about the TR7 V8. What series I race it in is important as that dictates the spec. it’s built to, my present thinking is the HSCC 70’s road sports.