Brands and Goodwood trackdays

Just a quick update for the recent trackdays.

The first was an evening track session at Brands with the Porsche 944.It was wet, again!, however we were there just to shake down the car prior to a main event in May. No real issues other than front brakes that started to bind towards the end of the session. The engine smoked badly during the sighting laps but then cleaned up completely with no recurrence since, suspect oil in the exhaust from the previous engine blow up.

Porsche at a wet Brands


The second day was at Goodwood with the A40 and Aidans new purchase a Ashley GT (midget based). The A40  behaved itself. Other than having to bleed the front brakes it ran all day without a hiccup. The GT is just stunning, fast and slightly twitchy in its handling, a trait that may have led to a sad episode in the afternoon, when Aidans brother John had an off in the GT, hitting the tyre wall to the left as he exited Lavant corner resulting in slight chassis damage, the rad, steering rack and GRP front end all needing replacement. It will be out again at Snetterton 4th and 5th April.

John with his handyworkA40 and Ashley GT lined up ready for first session at Goodwood