Disc brake conversion brakets, Ford Serria rear calipers.Rear disc brake conversion

Rear brake caliper mounts for rear disc brake conversion using Serria rear brake calipers. Hand brake cables for this conversion are also avalabile.

£135.00 a pair of mounts plus P&P



Car disc
brake conversion kit available

Will not fit inside Std. Sprint alloys

Vented rotors and aluminium bells with lightweight four piston callipers at the front. These fit onto Std. Sprint stub axles and hubs. Rears using the kit as above c/w handbrake cables.

Please email for more information

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Pair of rear hub spacers to replace the drum brake back plate when converting to a disc brake set up.

£38.00 a pair plus P&P



Supplied in kit

2 x new type 14 callipers complete with spacers. These have the brake line fitting at the top next to the bleed nipple. Original callipers can be supplied on an exchange basis but will incur an extra cost for the reconditioning

2 x hub spacers, required to move original hub out to accommodate the extra width of the vented disc                                 

2 x vented discs

Not supplied in the kit

2 x GT6 stub axles. These can be sourced from Rimmers etc.

Brake pads

£380.00 plus P&P