Uprated head gasket.   £130.00 plus P&P

Std. thickness, made from a stronger material with a lacquered finish. Two larger stud holes for locating dowels, redundant waterways blanked off, slotted holes for clearance on the angled studs, large rear waterway bridged for more support   


Aluminium engine back plate     £68.00 plus P&P


Competition spec inlet and exhaust valves.  Please contact us for price


Competition spec. valve guides  £19.50.00 each

Made from Colsibro, a copper nickel silicon alloy


Titanium valve spring caps and collets to suit.  Please contact us for price

Double coil valve springs to suit are available



A set of 4 spark plug tubes complete with ‘O’ rings

£63.00 plus P&P


lightwheight flywheel for 7 1/2" clutch

lightwheight flywheel for 7 1/4″ clutch, supplied without ring gear.

£320.00 plus P&P

Ring gear can be supplied for £37.00 plusP&P


Cam cover 'T' boltsSprint rocker cover 'T' bolts

Cam cover ‘T’ bolts,

£55.00 plus P&P

These fit under the race spec bonnets without support frame. It may be possable to modify the frame work on your own bonnet to clear the front/top ‘T’ bolt.


Block brace plate Block brace studs and nuts 

Block bracing plate, main bearing studs and tall nuts.

£455.00 plus P&P


Hardened stainless head stud set with rolled threads  Hardened stainless head stud set with rolled threads

Hardened stainless steel head stud set with rolled threads. These have UNF thread for the cylinder head nut. 1310 MPa tensile.

£475.00 a set inc. nuts plus P&P


P1000526 P1000531 P1000582

Aluminum Sprint cylinder head back plate. Supplied with water take off and drilled for a second Std. temp. sender (not supplied)

£58.00 no VAT plus P&P



Electric water pump mount for Davis Craig EWP 80

£28.00 plus P&P



Water pump brass bung

£38.00 plus P&P



Crank front adapter for BMW dampers.

£105.00 c/w fixing bolts for damper


Vernier cam sprocket. six bolt adjustment of cam timing, 2 x 1/4″ and 2 x 5/16″ mounting holes. Aluminium centre. £285.00 plus P&P