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  • made to order brake mounting bracket
  • clutch centre release bearing
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Manufacturers and suppliers of parts and components for the Triumph Dolomite

Sprintspeed is a company that designs and manufactures up rated / competition parts for the Dolomite Sprint. This is through ideas that we have had because of the need for non STD parts, or developing ideas that other Dolomite owners have had.

About Us

I have been hill climbing, sprinting and racing my Dolomite sprint for nearly 20 years. I started out hill climbing in the STD. road going class, however, over 3-4 years the car was changed into a modified production saloon, hence the development of the parts needed.

I have been involved in motor sport for many years with my own cars, friends cars and professionally working for Bill Rawles Classic Cars, a company that prepares, mostly,  Austin Healey 3000s and classic Jags for race and rally plus the normal restoration services. The choice of the Dolomite Sprint for motor sport was easy as I already owned one.

Customers Cars

Tony and Sam Browne’s Sprint at the 2018 Manx Classic

Tony took 1st in class at all three events



Check these videos out

A few videos to have a look at.










Update to the Club Triumph RBRR

Update …… I would like to thank everyone who supported us and contributed to Epilepsy Research UK. We raised in excess of £3500.00 between the three of us. Whats more, we were still speaking to each other at the end …….  

Tony, Rob & Nick’s Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run

Dear All, this is our first time on the Club Triumph RBRR… Read more about – “Tony, Rob & Nick’s Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run”

General update

Some more additions to the parts list… … Read more about – “General update”

A taster of a couple of new parts

A couple of pics of the boot spoiler that will be available later this year along with a deeper chin spoiler to fit cars with front bubble arches.

A few dates for the diary

A few dates have been added to ‘calender of events’ page