Products Manufactured


Adjustable Front Tie Bars - Suspension

  • Adjustable rear top trailing arms.
  • Adjustable front tie bars.

Stub axles/ Rear hubs

Standard Front Stub Axels - Hubs

  • Std. Dolomite front stub axles.
  • Ford Escort front stub axles to fit Sprint uprights. This allows the use of Ford alloy hubs/ brake kits/wheels.
  • Ford PCD rear hubs



  • Spark plug tubes.
  • Lightweight flywheel for 71/4 racing clutch.
  • Cam cover T bolts.
  • Block/main cap ladder section complete with longer main cap studs.
  • Uprated head studs UNF rolled thread.


Brake Calipers

  • Adapter bracket for Ford Sierra/Cosworth rear callipers and Escort discs.
  • Handbrake cables to fit Sierra/Cosworth rear callipers.


Sprint Bubble Arches - Bodywork

  • Lightweight Boot Lids, available in GRP
  • Lightweight Bonnets, available in GRP
  • Bubble arch kits available in GRP


clutch centre release bearing

  • Centre release slave cylinder and thrust bearing