Goodbye to 2019

Well, Christmas is with us again. 2019 has been quite a quiet year for Sprintspeed, haven’t really done much with the cars. The White Sprint was out properly for the first time in a few sprints managing to split up the TR7 V8’s, there is still loads of improvement to had with that one. The Blue Sprint is still languishing at home in the garage with most of it’s O/S/R quarter cut off. I’ve got all the replacement panels from the TDC, got to say the panels are very good. Must get on with that one… The TR7 project is very much in mind, I will get on with that one when I’ve finished the Blue Sprint. I have a P5B V8 engine in bits with a view to fitting that, but, I do have an option on a 4.9. A  Sprint engine would another choice. It already seems that 2020 is going to be a busy year for me let alone doing Sprintspeed stuff ….

So it’s a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from Sprintspeed, here’s to 2020.

A couple of new parts being planned for the new year

Just to wet your whistle, the Aluminium back plate.

Can you use your road car for hillclimb and sprinting ?

I have been asked quite a few times about using a standard road car for hillclimb and sprinting. There are classes in most championships that are just for standard road cars, which means that for a small financial/time outlay you can be competing in motorsport. I have put a link at the bottom right of the Sprintspeed home page to the TR Register motorsport section which contains information regarding getting started. For those of you who are members of the TDC there is very good article in the November 2019 issue of Dolly Mixture by Shaun Roche, giving all the information required to get you and your car up to scratch. 

Do it once and you’ll want to go again and again and again …………….

End of the 2019 season

That’s it then for another year of motorsport in my Sprints, well not so much Sprints as Sprint, as the Blue Sprint is still in my garage with the O/S/R wing cut off and the boot floor in need of repair. I didn’t do much in the White Sprint, after thinking that I would try to do 5+ events in the TR register / Revington TR Hillclimb and Sprint Championship and a few races I think I managed four sprints. Did a few track days though which helped towards getting the car set up. Plans for the winter are … get the bodywork on the Blue Sprint finished and build a proper engine for the White one.

As far as Sprintspeed is concerned there are a couple of new parts in the pipeline, which hopefully will happen early next year. And get the cars out more …..




Update to the Club Triumph RBRR

Update ……

I would like to thank everyone who supported us and contributed to Epilepsy Research UK. We raised in excess of £3500.00 between the three of us.
Whats more, we were still speaking to each other at the end …….


Tony, Rob & Nick’s Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run

Update ……

I would like to thank everyone who supported us and contributed to Epilepsy Research UK. We raised in excess of £3500.00 between the three of us.
Whats more, we were still speaking to each other at the end …….

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Fundraising for Epilepsy Research UK

A little note from Samantha Browne

Dear All, this is our first time on the Club Triumph RBRR.  We are all Triumph lovers and as you can see from the photos of the car, Penny, the PI is ready and waiting to go!  We are looking forward to the big run and hope to meet some new friends too along the way.  Will keep you updated regularly.  Best wishes, Tony, Rob and Nick.

Donations can be made at

Thank you for your support in raising money for Epilepsy Research UK.

General update

Some more additions to the parts list… we now have available competition spec. valves, titanium valve spring caps and Colsibro valve guides. They are listed under ‘engine’ in the products list.

A few things to catch up with, as I haven’t done much to the website for a while (over a year). The White Sprint is nearly finished and we should be out testing soon. Haven’t got around to building the engine for it so it has, at the moment, my spare race engine, it is a bit down on power but should be enough to do basic setup. 

The Blue Sprint is still a bit beaten up. I think getting it completely repaired will be a winter job. I’m out in it at Goodwood on the 4th of August.

With the White Sprint nearing completion I am beginning to think about the TR7 V8. What series I race it in is important as that dictates the spec. it’s built to, my present thinking is the HSCC 70’s road sports.


A taster of a couple of new parts

A couple of pics of the boot spoiler that will be available later this year along with a deeper chin spoiler to fit cars with front bubble arches.

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A few dates for the diary

A few dates have been added to ‘calender of events’ page

Goodwood soft top Sunday

Had a nice morning at Goodwood Soft top Sunday 04/06/17. I was picked up by Tony Browne in his and Sams beautiful Sprint and Hillclimb TR4 for the 1/2 hour drive there.