January 2013

Bigger brakes for the Blue Sprint

The last time I upgraded the front brakes was about 15years ago when I bought a set of Princesess 4 pot callipers and discs complete with hubs and uprights from Ken Clarke. These have done me very well. The only downside to this setup is that they are quite heavy. I had been given a pair of Ali Brembo’s by Darren (eightesflamer) in payment for some welding. These were for much wider discs than the ones I use, so I narrowed them down by 10mm. The added bonus was that, with a little bit of modifying, they  bolted straight onto the Sprint upright and plus there is a total weight saving of 3kg. Just a simple bit of machining had to be done on the hubs to get the discs/hubs fit right.These callipers only just fit under the Madin 3 piece rims (classic F3 wheels).I had to machine the inside of the centres out to clear, turn the hub face down to 5 inches and turn the rim fixing bolts around so that the low bolt heads are in the inside. Just a couple of mm clearance. A set of Pagid yellows and all is done.
Maybe a track day at Goodwood in a few weeks……

update…… Goodwood booked for the 2nd Feb for a shake down. The Jag or 944 is going as well, so various sons/daughters can have a play.

image Big brakes Brembo image image

The first two pictures are of the Princess four pot callipers and the Brembo’s.

image image brembo brakes image